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Best Crypto Earning Sites

Earn Free Crypto Instantly Online Without Investment


Free Faucet Collector (automatic)

Automatic rolls and claims for 50+ crypto faucets


- Tampermonkey (chrome addon)

- account

- account

- Ability to follow directions.

Get Free Bitcoins automatic

To get free Crypto automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Install Tapermonkey (chrome addon)

  2. Register with all the sites listed. See the list below

  3. Read the instructions on the scripts page

  4. After installing, you need to navigate to and enable the faucets you want to start the process

Use another browser besides your main browser.

Faucet List for the Collector 01 -

02 -

03 -

04 -

05 -

06 -

07 -

08 -

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