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Get FREE 100 MPH (Morpher)

Get $2 in Morpher's MPH token. The MPH token is already tradable on Uniswap.

The airdrop is 100% real and genuine.

Get Free $2 in Morpher's MPH token https://bit.ly/3AkpM93

ADD MPH Token on Sidechain (Metamask)

1. Open the Metamask browser extension.

2. Click "Add Token".

3. Go to the "Custom Token" tab.

4. Enter the following contract address: 0xc44628734a9432a3daa302e11afbdfa8361424a5

Set the symbol name to "MPH".

5. Click Continue.

Now you can track your trading account MPH balance. Just make sure you select/switch Morpher sidechain (sidechain.morpher.com) in Metamask networks.

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