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Best Crypto Earning Sites

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Get Free $2 From This Airdrop

Get FREE 100 MPH (Morpher)

Get $2 in Morpher's MPH token. The MPH token is already tradable on Uniswap.

The airdrop is 100% real and genuine.

Get Free $2 in Morpher's MPH token

ADD MPH Token on Sidechain (Metamask)

1. Open the Metamask browser extension.

2. Click "Add Token".

3. Go to the "Custom Token" tab.

4. Enter the following contract address: 0xc44628734a9432a3daa302e11afbdfa8361424a5

Set the symbol name to "MPH".

5. Click Continue.

Now you can track your trading account MPH balance. Just make sure you select/switch Morpher sidechain ( in Metamask networks.

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