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Top 5 Nano Faucets

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With Faucets you can request small amounts of NANO for free. With these Faucets, you can find out for yourself how easy it is to instantly receive NANO worldwide on a decentralized network.

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Top 5 Nano Faucets

  1. PlayNano https://bit.ly/3qRJ7eC Watch videos, use Faucets, complete tasks and more. You'll earn the most Nano you can.

  2. Free Nano Faucet https://bit.ly/3KFww60 Claim Free Nano every 10 minutes

  3. Nano Drop https://bit.ly/3IByXoz NanoDrop is a new Nano Faucet to get you started with Nano. This faucet sends you a micro-fraction of Nano for free, instantly, paying zero fee.

  4. Nano Faucet https://bit.ly/3tQulXr This faucet pays out 0.00025 Nano.

  5. TryNano https://bit.ly/3nPzgnO TryNano demonstrates how fast and simple Nano transactions are by giving you two wallets to send Nano back and forth between each other.

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